Manual deployment

AWS Amplify Console

AWS Amplify Console provides a Git-based workflow for deploying and hosting applications. You decided to do manual deployment instead of Git-based because you’re the only engineer this time. Use the Amplify CLI to host your application using the AWS Amplify Console.

Run $amplify add hosting in the terminal and answer the questions as follows:

amplify add hosting
  • Select the plugin module to execute Hosting with Amplify Console (Managed hosting with custom domains, Continuous deployment)
  • Choose a type Manual deployment

Then start hosting with the $ amplify publish command.

amplify publish

$amplify publish is a command that changes to the cloud resources in the same way as $amplify push, builds a web application at local, and uploads it to update the application hosted in Amplify Console.

If you execute $ amplify push or $ amplify publish while $amplify mock api is running, sometimes your command exection fail with error message: Parameters: [authRoleName] must have values. In that case, please interrupt the process of $amplify mock api with Ctrl+C, and then execute $amplify push or $amplify publish.

Wait a few minutes and the execution result is returned as shown below. If you visit the last URL, you are able to browse the website.

✔ Zipping artifacts completed.
✔ Deployment complete!