Full-text search: Front-end

Now that you have created a full-text search API. Let’s implement the front end using it.


  1. Create a search interface on the right side of the screen (Search.js)
  2. Add path of https://example.com/#/search to access the search screen (App.js).
  3. Add a link to the search screen in the left navigation (Sidebar.js)


Create ./src/containers/Search.js and edit it.

touch ./src/containers/Search.js

Copy the contents of Search.js below and replace ./src/containers/Search.js with it.

The main points are the following:

const searchPosts = async (type, nextToken = null) => {
  if (query === '') return;

  const res = await API.graphql(graphqlOperation(searchPostsGql, {
    filter: { content: { matchPhrase: query } },
    limit: 20,
    nextToken: nextToken,

  dispatch({ type: type, posts: res.data.searchPosts.items })
  • Do not execute a query if the contents of query is empty.
  • API.graphql (... uses matchPhrase that is the same as you tried in the AppSync Management Console.

Add Access to Search Components

Changes to App.js

Copy the contents of App.js below and replace ./src/App.js with it.

  • App.js (2 kb)
  • <HashRouter>
        <Route exact path='/' component={Timeline} />
        <Route exact path='/search' component={Search} />
        <Route exact path='/global-timeline' component={AllPosts} />
        <Route exact path='/:userId' component={PostsBySpecifiedUser}/>
        <Redirect path="*" to="/" />
    • Changed to render the Search component when access /search.

    Sidebar.js Changes

    Copy the contents of Sidebar.js below and replace ./src/containers/Sidebar.js with it.

    The points are as follows:

      selected={activeListItem === 'search'}
      onClick={() => {
        Auth.currentAuthenticatedUser().then((user) => {
        <SearchIcon />
      <ListItemText primary="Search" />
    • Added a new link to /search to sidebar.

    Applying Changes

    $ amplify publish

    If you execute $ amplify push or $ amplify publish while $amplify mock api is running, sometimes your command execution fail with error message: Parameters: [authRoleName] must have values. In that case, please interrupt the process of $amplify mock api with Ctrl+C, and then execute amplify push or $amplify publish.

    Operation Check

    • Open the hosted web application and click Search on the left.
    • Enter the search word and click on the SEARCH button.
    • Success if the result is displayed.